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Creativity is what keeps us going and lets us know that in some small way, we can leave our mark on at least one heart.
I was feeling a bit down in the dumps today, so at foxnoir's urging, I went outside this afternoon, sat in the sun, and made two tension swatches. One is knitted and the other is crocheted, the first to be a toddler's top, the second to be a baby blanket. I wish I could upload pics of them, because the yarn I'm using for the top is a variegated cotton and looks pretty cool, and the stitch pattern for the blanket looks gorgeous with the ecru cotton that has tiny flecks of color.

After they're laundered and blocked so I can get a gauge (less important with the blanket, but I wanna know how much shrinkage it'll have), they'll become dishcloths.

Anyway, it felt really good to sit out in the sun and do something fun, relaxing, and constructive. Thanks, Kat. *hugs*


Aaauuughhh! Where did it go???

Bud and I went to JoAnn's in Strongsville. And I was met by an empty store. WTF?? *sigh*

Pat Catan's is only about a quarter mile away, but I haven't been overly impressed by their selection in recent years, especially since they moved to their new location. They used to have a humongous yarn section, and now it's just a little one, with mostly (shudder) acrylic yarns, and if I'm lucky, acrylic-wool blends.

On this trip, though, I found cones of Sugar 'n Cream, so I grabbed a few of those, one a solid ecru and the other that same ecru with little dashes of festive colors in it. *ponders the possibilities* I also grabbed a few skeins of variegated cotton yarns, and two skeins of (shudder) acrylic. And bunches and bunches of knitting needles and some new crochet hooks. I don't know where the hell mine keep disappearing to. So tomorrow I'll start rummaging through some stitch pattern books and decide what I'm going to do with these things.


Here it is...

Tomorrow I'm going to go to JoAnn Fabrics and see what yarns they have on sale.  I might head over to Pat Catan's while I'm at it -- they seem to have a pretty good selection of stuff.  Either way, I'll be coming home with a bag full of new yarn, some new knitting needles and probably a few more crochet hooks.  I don't know what kind of yarn I want; something usually jumps out at me while I'm browsing, so I'm not concerned with that right now.

Now...let's see what I get done!

The USB ports aren't working yet, but I'm sure I'll have that fixed before I get anything done enough to post pics. 


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