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Argh. Still haven't finished that heavy winter sweater I was almost done with (halfway through the second sleeve) because it's acrylic (yeah, yeah, I know...) and weighs a ton, and it's too hot these days to sit with that on my lap.

However, I managed to start a knitted top that I designed in order to use up two rather heft skeins of Bernat cotton, an ecru color with tiny flecks of brick red and dark brown. It's being knitted front to back, and it's K2P2 rib, with moss stitch for the body. It will have a square neck, and the gathered bell sleeves will be knitted out of double-stranded soft bedspread-weight ecru-colored cotton with size 8(US) needles in regular stockinette stitch, unless I manage to find the lace pattern I've been hunting high and low for. The top will be trimmed with this ecru-ish eyelash yarn around the bottom of the sleeves and at the bottom of the body of the top, just above the ribbing.

I'm sure that description made everyone's head go all 'splody. Ha.

Anyway, last night I got row 25 of the main stitch pattern done on the front. Moss stitch is a bit slow-going for me. I need to have this top done by August 8, because I plan on wearing it to the Cleveland Gathering gig at the Phantasy.

If my son's digital camera is working, I'll get some pics as I make progress, and I'll try to get some pics of the as-of-yet uncompleted hooded sweater as well. My cell phone cam's picture taking abilities leave a bit to be desired.


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